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EagleTac is a company that designs and produces precision tactical flashlights commonly used by professional, law enforcement, search and rescue teams and military fields.

EagleTac produces flashlights of widely varying sizes, power outputs, and battery sources. All EagleTac LED flashlights include technology advanced features such as electronically- controlled output regulation for consistent high output, and highly efficient multiple level brightness output control.
D25 Clicky Series D25 Mini Twisty Series G25 Series
Pocket Lights with Clicky Switch (D25C, D25A)
Pocket lights with twisty switch (D25C mini)
G25C2 Premium Weapon Light
Personal P Series S, G, M Series Tactical Series
P20C2, P20A2 Personal carry Lights
X Series Compact Search Light (SX25A6, GX25A3, SX25L3, MX25L3, MX25L3C S200C2 etc)
T20C2, TX25C2 Tactical Lights
Rechargeable G, S, M series Rechargeable Batteries
GX25L2, SX25L2, MX25L2 are ultimate choices for duty lights.
Eagletac Rechargeable Batteries