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nitecoreNITECORE was established in 2007 after identifying a market niche for small, robust and ultra-bright multimode flashlights. NITECORE‚ôs origins are highly unusual, born out of forging alliances with several small niche manufacturers and drawing inspiration from the vast collective of knowledge that exists within online hobby groups and enthusiast forums the world over. This unconventional business model has seen the brand go from strength to strength in the short time since its inception.
Chameleon Series Explorer E Series Headlamps
CR6, CG6 CI6 Multi-Color LED Flashlights for hunting, search and tactical applications.
Nitecore Outdoor Explorer Series EC11 EA11 EC20 EA21 EA41 EC4
Headlamps for indoor and outdoor recreational and professional uses.
L Series Multi-Task Series MH Rechargeable
Headlamps for indoor and outdoor recreational and professional uses.
Lights for Versatile use: Pocket Light, Work Light, Tactical Light ...
Rechargeable LED Flashlights with built-in USB charger. They can also use primary battery just in case.
Precise Series SRT Tactical TM Series
Flashlight for tactical (P10, P12, P16, P20, P25)
Smart Ring Flashlight
The  2000+ lumens Portable Search Light
T Series Batteries & Chargers Accessories
High performance key chain flashlights
High performance rechargeable batteries and chargers
Whistles, pens, holsters and more ...