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Olight believes no one should be left in the dark — period. As a manufacturer, Olight has committed to every little detail from brightness to runtime to ergonomics, size and weight — and more importantly, how they can improve your lives with light. Olight pushes their products to the limit so that you can have the best lights in the smallest package possible for the best price, so you have the right tools to conquer the night.

Keychain Lights Tactical Flashlights EDC Flashlights

Keychain Lights

Olight takes it miniature with this line of ultra compact flashlights you can use for everyday carry or even keep on your keychain. With these flashlights, you’ll always be prepared for whatever the dark can throw your way.

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Tactical Flashlights

Olight makes some of the most powerful and easy to use tactical flashlights around. Ideal for professional and outdoor sporting uses, these flashlights are well-suited for law enforcement, hunting, military, security and similar situations.

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EDC Flashlights

Get your everyday carry on with Olight. Optimized for the EDC crowd, these flashlights are simple to use while providing a powerful beam any flashlight fan will appreciate. Whether you go with the ultra mini S1R II Baton or the full-size Baton Pro, you won’t g wrong.

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Ultra Bright/Long Throw Flashlights Rechargeable Flashlights Headlamps

Ultra Bright/Long Throw

More lumens? Longer throw distance? Olight delivers with some of the most powerful and longest throwing flashlights around. For situations that require enough lumens to illuminate the side of a mountain, these flashlights have you covered.

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Rechargeable Flashlights

No need to worry about replacing batteries or external chargers here. Olight offers a large selection of flashlights for all users with built-in charging ports to give you the most convenient flashlights around.

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Don’t let darkness stop you in your tracks. Olight’s high performance headlamps give you the light you need while keeping your hands free to work and play.

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Pistol Lights Batteries & Chargers Accessories

Pistol Series

Built to fit on most pistols and handguns, Olight’s Pistol Series features high performance, weapon-mountable flashlights to help keep you safe in any emergency.

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Batteries & Chargers

Pair your Olight flashlight with li-ion rechargeable batteries and an external battery charger and make it easy to stay powered.

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