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For more than 20 years, Fenix® has manufactured the best and brightest Flashlights, Headlamps, Lanterns & Bike Lights for those seeking top performance.

CL Series - Camping Lanterns E Series - Pocket Lights FD Series - Focusable Lights

CL Series

Whether you’re camping or want to prepare for the next emergency, Fenix’s line of camping lanterns offers your choice of powerful and easy to use lanterns which produce an even, 360 degree output and leaves your hands free for everything else.

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E Series

Everyday carry fans will love Fenix’s E series which features a selection of powerful flashlights designed to be compact enough to carry easily in your pocket or gear.

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FD Series

Get more functionality from your flashlight with this line of zoomable/focusable flashlights from Fenix. Quickly switch from a focused beam optimized for distance search to a soft flood light with a twist.

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H Series - Headlamps RC/UC Series - Rechargeable BC Series - Bicycle Lights

H Series

For activities that require your hands free, Fenix offers an extensive line of headlamps for any situation. From compact and rechargeable options like the HL12R to full-size, professional-grade options like the HL60R, your night adventures will never be the same again.

Looking to buy a Fenix headlamp but not sure which one is right for you? Our Fenix headlamp guide has you covered with a break down of the entire line up.

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RC/UC Series

Don’t worry about external battery chargers when you pick any of Fenix’s RC or UC series built-in rechargeable flashlights. Complete with built-in charging capability, these flashlights make staying powered simple and convenient.

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BC Series

Cyclists rejoice! Fenix has created several bicycle headlights designed to keep you as well as oncoming traffic safe whether you’re ride is an urban commute or deep on the trail.

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LR Series - Long Range LD Series -- Everyday Carry PD Series - Use CR123As

LD Series

The LD Series from Fenix offers several compact and lightweight flashlight options designed for professional and outdoor usage.

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PD Series

When it comes to self-defence, look no further than Fenix’s PD line of flashlights. Optimized for everyday carry and personal defense, these flashlights will keep you safe on your night adventures.

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TK Series - Tactical Lights W Series Batteries and Chargers

TK Series

Law enforcement, security officers, hunters, preppers and anyone else in between will appreciate the Fenix TK Series of flashlights. These tactical flashlights are optimized for heavy-duty and professional use.

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Batteries & Chargers

Pair your Fenix flashlight with li-ion rechargeable batteries and an external battery charger and make it easy to stay powered.

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